Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter

ም Free Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter online pdf ᜤ Kindle Ebook By Kate Clifford Larson ᣪ KIRKUS REVIEW the third child to Josephand Rose Kennedy, Rosemary was slower to develop mentally than her siblings,thanks to an unnecessarily prolonged birth Throughout her early childhood andadolescence, her mental disabilities were kept hidden from the press and thoseoutside the family, enabling Rosemary to attend prestigious private schools, tobe presented to the king and queen of England, and to enjoy a life full ofsocial events However, as she entered her early 20s, her inability to functionlike others her age and her unruly behavior presented increasing difficultiesfor her familyInorder to suppress Rosemary s mental health issues, her father ordered her toundergo alobotomy t he results were drastic andcompletely damaging.Larson does an excellent job of portraying theKennedy family, providing ample background on the political and economic riseof Joe Sr., the obsessions with weight and the need for solitude of Rose, therole the parents played in Rosemary s lifeand theinteractions among Rosemary and her siblings The author presents awell rounded portrait of Rosemary before the lobotomy, a beautiful young womanfull of spunk and love, and the destruction of that vibrant person as a resultof the operation Larson goes on to discuss how Rosemary s younger sister,Eunice, used the family s considerable wealth to fund research and services forthe mentally disabled, a cause she avidly supported because of her sister.A well researched,entertaining, and illuminating biography that should take pride of place overanother recent Rosemary bio, Elizabeth Koehler Pentacoff s The MissingKennedy.In January, 2005, I saw Rosemary s obituary in the Boston Globe I knew who she was, but I felt there was to know I could not help but be drawn to her Though I had to wait a few years before I could beginresearching Rosemary s life., when I did start exploring her story, I became deeplymoved by the struggles and obstacles she faced, and how her family dealt withthose challenges Rosemary s life has always been a small side story to thelarger drama of the Kennedy family in the scores of books written aboutthem This is the first full lengthbiography that puts Rosemary at the center of that extraordinary familystory and gives her life the attention it deserves. Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy DaughterRosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter


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