Harem: the European megaseller: new and revised edition (Classical Historical Fiction Book 2)

קּ Online ᆂ Harem: the European megaseller: new and revised edition (Classical Historical Fiction Book 2) for kids ᐍ Kindle Ebook By Colin Falconer ᔿ PRAISE FOR COLIN FALCONER Once you read Colin Falconer, youll want toread everything he has ever written Crystal Book ReviewsFalconers grasp of period and placesis almost flawless Hes my kind of writer Peter Corris, TheAustralianIf you havent read one of Colin Falconers novels, then I promise you are infor a real roller coaster ride of never ending intrigue History and WomenEach chapter ends with a gripping cliff hanger that makes the bookirresistible and unputdownable Mirella Patzer, Historical Novel ReviewI enjoyed his storytelling voice so much that, had this book been say,set in modern times, the intriguing main characters would still have been ableto pull it off Bookbag Falconer demonstrates exceptional characterization Bookgeeks provides action, romance, and beautifully descriptive writing by thecartload Des Greene, Novel Suggestions living history at its best, fictionalized yet immensely believable AlanGold, Good Reading.Beautifully written in typical Falconer style with plenty of snap andsharpness, and wonderfully researched, I enjoyed every page of this book Great HistoricalsFalconers descriptive narrative is exquisite at times Each short chapteropens with a flowing brush of words that paint precisely, yet mellifluously, ina manner that is almost poetic Historical Writers AssociationIt is the richness of the prose itself that truly madethis historical era come alive Historical Novel ReviewA page turner Booklist plausible and engrossing Womans Day moves alongat a cracking pace, the narrative fraught with action and tension at everyturn HistoricalNovel Society Fast paced,sprinkled with unique and unusual details, and with plenty of emotion, makesthis a must read for those who love the medieval period or books about theunexplained mysteries of life History and WomenColin Falconer is one of thosehistorical fiction authors that takes a subject and not only researches itthoroughly but also has the talent to take you to the heart of the matterwhilst making you feel that youre seeing history being made at the time of theevents Add to this top notch prose a wonderfully almost cinematic feel to thestory and of course a lead character that you can really get behind and all inits a wonderful read Great stuff Dros Delnoch, Falcatta TimesWhat sometimes galls me about writing historical fiction is people get so upset if you dont write it THEIR way I did challenge a lot of people with HAREM Some reviewers dont like that But that is surely the whole notion of writing historical fiction to challenge, and to wonder, what if It still astounds me how upset people get if you dont agree with their version of history Please read HAREM with an open mind.I do acknowledge this book in its initial eBook release had formatting issues They have since been resolved.The idea for HAREM came years ago when I was a freelance journalist and Playboy magazine commissioned me to do a piece about the ultimate male fantasy the harem But when I came to do my research I got quite a surprise A harem, I have to tell you, reads better than it lives I wrote my piece to please the Playboy readers but held back the real research for myself.Victorian paintings depict dream like canvases of half naked young women soaping each other in what look like Asiatic day spas In reality the old harem of Suleimans time was a grim and twilight maze of dark paneled rooms where the sun seldom penetrated It was a snake pit imagine, if you will, a cross between a Miss World contest and a reality show, where the winner becomes an Empress and the other three finalists are drowned in a sack Oh, and all the runners up never ever get to leave the house Which leads us to the story of Suleiman the Magnificent and Roxelana Her influence over him from moment she replaced his long term favourite, Gulbehar, was pervasive She knew that his throne would pass to the oldest male heir,and the Osmanli Code of Laws allowed the Sultan elect to execute all his brothers to secure it In other words she realized that she, and all her children, were just a heartbeat away from catastrophe every single day Then three things happened that historians cannot rationally explain First, the harem conveniently burned down, which meant that Roxelana and her entire entourage had to move into Suleimans palace, until a new harem could be built But it never was rebuilt, and Roxelana stayed right where she was The second occurrence was no coincidence it was, quite simply, astonishing The Sultan married her A Sultan had not taken a queen since the Ottomans lived as nomads on the plains Then, to compound the amazement of all Stamboul, he resigned his entire harem To this point it reads like a Hollywood screenplay a powerful and potent man giving up everything for the woman he loves Pretty Woman with sherbets and turbans But Roxelana could well have had another agenda entirely Harem: the European megaseller: new and revised edition (Classical Historical Fiction Book 2)Harem: the European megaseller: new and revised edition (Classical Historical Fiction Book 2)


    • Hardcover
    • 460 pages
    • Harem: the European megaseller: new and revised edition (Classical Historical Fiction Book 2)
    • Colin Falconer
    • English
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